ICT in the PYP Conference Hong KongThe PYP ICT in the PYP Conference was held at Renaissance College, in Hong Kong.It was designed to develop an understanding of the place of ICT in PYP....those things the students need to be able to do to succeed in a changing, challenging world...
What ICT in the PYP looks like at SALC

The ICT in the PYP MS Sway presentation

The initial day was focused on:

Purpose and philosophy of ICT in the PYP,

International Mindedness

and the development of the
Essential elements of PYP through the use of ICT.The subsequent days built on this knowledge and the understandings developed allowing for application to specific participants environments.

To see some of the comments via the twitter comments go to ICTinPYP (#ICTinPYP), my book marks (delicious) @JSSALC and my prezi @ ICTin the PYP HK Workshop

Additional ResourcesIB Learner Profile & ICT and IB Librarians wiki and , Inquiry and Attitudes (and Attitudes) and Action.ICT in the PYP wiki - closed wiki to participants at this stage.

by Bonifatius D. Pandojo

The Role of ICT in the PYP school

Article: Professional Learning 2.0
Article: Poses scenarios and questions about how we share information professionally and its effectiveness.
Posts the following assumptions about Professional Learning (PL).

  1. Passing on info is enough (i.e. top down )
  2. Insight must come from the outside
  3. Planning means learning

Change the mindset of PL being Web1.0 mindset (consumers of information) to that of Web 2.0 (consumers & producers) using Web2.0.

  • Article proposes 3 structures for this and Web.2.0 PD in action
  • Has suggested ways that a variety of Web2.0 tools can be used from a PL POV.
  • Useful brief glossary of Web2.0 tools
  • Need to what is necessary for effective PD (or will be a waste of time!)
  • Need to refect on pratice - inward as well as outward
  • Planning needs to reflect current needs

The role of ICT in a PYP school - collaborative document/wiki

ICT in the PYP - prezi

ICT in the PYP flickr slideshow

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